There is no doubt that I would recommend her to everyone~​

Kristina helped me purchase a condo last year. I am Chinese. Actually, I prefer to work with Chinese agent. It is easier for me to make conversation and ask more things about the process and policy. I tried two. Unfortunately, these two agents made me feel sad. You would very easy to notice that they were not trying to ” help ” you to buy a house. They just urged me to buy this house immediately, although they are buyer agent! Kristina is not that kind of person. She is professional and thoughtful. She will point the advantage and disadvantages, and try to find best value for me. I feel comfortable and safe when I worked with her because I know she will concern what I am concerning, even I couldn’t totally understand her sometimes. It is a pleasure experience that worked together with Kristina, and there is no doubt that I would recommend her to everyone~

— Chao X.